Friday, December 18, 2009

Is it just me or is it getting cold in here?

Barack Obama, that paragon of virtue. That saviour we elected to save us. What has he done to answer the hopes of the American people? He has not only continued the Bush administration's influx of troops to the Middle East and proposed to fund abortion with taxpayers' money, now he is also pushing for climate change legislation which will further limit our freedoms:

U.S. President Barack Obama told world leaders at the final day of the Copenhagen climate change conference Friday it is time for 'the nations of the world to come together behind a common purpose.'

Global warming is far from proven, despite (false) claims of consensus within the academic community. Anecdotal evidence about how unusually cold it is this year in my home state of Virginia aside, I find it hard to be worried about potential climate change while our economy collapses and our medical industry threatened with further socialism. Is this a blind? Is Obama trying to make himself the good guy after a largely failed year in office?

While our leaders quietly destroy America at home and abroad, they prey on our guilt. They use climate change proposals divert us from the main problems where our focus should be. We have more to worry about than green house gas emissions and the polar bears -- like our futures. When the economy bottoms out, no one is going to give a damn about seals. Let's ignore the distractions get our priorities straight.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

See Old Glory fly, look the other way...

This is a particular brand of stupidity that makes me despair of the American people more than almost anything else: The typical American today is a sheep. Where his government leads he will follow. Those that hide behind their flag and support a corrupt system, while calling themselves "patriots" are nothing more than cowards who will never stand up or call out their leaders though those leaders trample on their rights until they have none left.

This is the most dangerous thing for America. This is worse than apathy. When a government knows that their people will follow blindly if they scare them with phrases like "9/11" or "terrorism," it will do whatever it wants. The people have been silent for too long and set a precedent for the government to ignore their rights and worse than that, they are enabling it.

By continuing to fly the flag and advocate that whatever America does is morally and politically righteous, we become hated around the world. They don't hate us for our wealth or freedom (both of which are in short supply lately); we are hated because our government does whatever it wants, wherever it wants, whenever it wants, calling itself a "liberator" or "savior" and we do nothing to stop it.

All these "patriots" who enable our power-hungry, blood thirsty leaders, beware. You are not saving your country nor are you keeping your children safe. You are allowing these heinous crimes to play out on your watch. This is not patriotism.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yes please!

Seconds on a failed fiscal policy? Who can say no to that??

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is up for renomination and we're headed for another wonderful term of fiscal recklessness, bailouts and denials. Time and time again we're told that nothing is wrong. That the recession is over and the dollar is sound. While they continue to print fiat money and spend countless millions on foreign wars that we should not be involved in.

Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke are evil men. And some say Bernanke isn't evil he's just a scapegoat. My answer to that is: Anyone who would take the position as Chairman of the Federal Reserve is by definition a grasping power hungry enemy of the people. He constantly steals from our pockets not only with taxes or rulings but by devaluing our money with his constant printing of a fiat currency.

There is only one way to stop this and to show the American people that the Federal Reserve is a wasteful and destructive branch of the government is to support a bill to audit the fed. H.R. 1207 introduced by Congressman Ron Paul (R) of Texas, to let the citizens of the United States know what is happening to their money. To tear down government walls of secrecy that have been standing for too long. Once the people see and understand the corruption in the Reserve they will know why this institution must be abolished.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And the prize goes to....

Sorry about the lack of blogging over Thanksgiving (too much food). But we're back and running just in time to catch another one of our great leaders blunders.

Remember back in October, when we were all incensed over Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?? Yeah, that just got more hilarious. This week Obama announced he will be deploying 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This brings the total presence of U.S. military there to over 100,000. Sounds like a peaceful move to me!

The POTUS however also said that we will start removing troops by 2011. How come I'm not reassured by this? While the words promise a withdrawal the action kind of upsets the poker face. We have to show him that he cannot manipulate us any longer. Obama has been in office for almost a year. What has changed? We're deeper in debt, a universal healthcare bill with the President's name on it is steadily working it's way through the senate and now we're deploying 30,000 more American soldiers to a country that, as far as I knew we weren't at war with! He promises, uses eloquent language and charismatic gestures and yet the hard truth is that his actions don't match up. We need to stop playing the fool and wise up to this before it's too late.

It's more of the same ladies and Gentleman. All the way back to Vietnam and beyond the call has been the same. We need more troops. Our fearless leader turns out to be the same person as all the flops that came before him. Wake up America. Wake Up!