Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And the prize goes to....

Sorry about the lack of blogging over Thanksgiving (too much food). But we're back and running just in time to catch another one of our great leaders blunders.

Remember back in October, when we were all incensed over Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?? Yeah, that just got more hilarious. This week Obama announced he will be deploying 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This brings the total presence of U.S. military there to over 100,000. Sounds like a peaceful move to me!

The POTUS however also said that we will start removing troops by 2011. How come I'm not reassured by this? While the words promise a withdrawal the action kind of upsets the poker face. We have to show him that he cannot manipulate us any longer. Obama has been in office for almost a year. What has changed? We're deeper in debt, a universal healthcare bill with the President's name on it is steadily working it's way through the senate and now we're deploying 30,000 more American soldiers to a country that, as far as I knew we weren't at war with! He promises, uses eloquent language and charismatic gestures and yet the hard truth is that his actions don't match up. We need to stop playing the fool and wise up to this before it's too late.

It's more of the same ladies and Gentleman. All the way back to Vietnam and beyond the call has been the same. We need more troops. Our fearless leader turns out to be the same person as all the flops that came before him. Wake up America. Wake Up!

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