Thursday, October 8, 2009

DEA Fail!

Many of us know and love Dr. Gregory House. That handicapped, pill popping, narcissistic, brilliant Diagnostician. The DEA however does not Love Dr. House. For those of you who don't watch the show let me fill you in. House had a blood clot in his leg, this caused muscle failure. Now House's right thigh is virtually unusable and in constant pain. So he is constantly shown throughout the show, popping vicodin to relieve his suffering. His boss Dr. Cuddy and his friend Dr. Wilson both confront him on various occasions about his addiction. But a staple of House'e character throughout the show is that he does not change. His habit does not effect his work and he is brilliant despite his problems. This however was no good for our government. A quote from DoseNation says "The DEA has been writing letters to Fox complaining about House's "flagrant use and abuse of narcotics without consequence" ( The network has finally given in. They have allowed the government to control their actions and in doing so have given even our TV shows into the hands of these power hungry bureaucrats. Isn't there a flood or a war they need to be worrying about? Do we not have enough problems in the US to keep them busy? What about the failing economy? Maybe they should take a look at that. Oh yeah, we will! Right after a message from our sponsors.

And here my friends is another massive. Government Fail!

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