Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Government Fail!

Why would one entitle a blog "Government Fail!"? Well the answer is simple. And if you entered this blog for any other reason than because it's hilarious when someone fails at anything, you probably know the answer. Because the United States Federal Government has failed. In fact they failed quite some time ago. Clearly however the general populous has not noticed. In the past few years this has been changing. The Ron Paul Revolution swept the nation and clogged our internet connections. Offshoot group s like Young Americans for Liberty and Year of Youth have focused in on specific groups to get the youth of America excited. I have decided it's time to do my part. So I will relate in my upcoming posts, the ever-increasing tide of government caused disasters and catastrophes. They usurp our freedoms and destroy our rights. Yet we do nothing. My main point: to enrage the American people. To long we have sat complacently by while they (quite blatantly) invaded our privacy and destroyed our currency. Listen to the rally call of freedom. This is no joke ladies and gentlemen.

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