Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Year of Youth: Project 2012

You've heard of the Ron Paul Revolution and Students for Liberty. But maybe you haven't heard of the newest, freshest edition to the pantheon of freedom. This is Year of Youth: Project 2012. According to their mission statement in their press release:

"Year of Youth, Project 2012 has launched its new website to
help achieve its intended goal of at least 100 victorious youth campaigns for
state and local government offices across the United States in the year 2012."

These guys are serious too. They may be small but every one of these volunteers has dedication. In fact if you go to the application page on their website it instructs you to do a direct about face if you don't have it. Jared Fuller and Cristopher David Pille (co-founders of the project) have made it clear that they intend to achieve the goals they set. They don't expect to launch these campaigns out of no where, they lay out their plan quite clearly in the release:

"Year of Youth’s goal is to field a select number of youth candidates for
state and local offices in 2010 in order to measure the successes, failures,
and problems with running a completely youth driven campaign. Year of Youth
will then recruit, train, and mobilize hundreds of future youth candidates
across the United States in 2012."

They have set a very admirable goal and a realistic achievement schedule. If you have some time (or if you don't) I'd love it if you could check out their site @ they're a very worthwhile cause to support.

It's a small price we pay for liberty and if we will not pay it how can we expect it?

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